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Save money !
Today you are thinking: “Solar energy is expensive! ”  This is a common misconception, but it’s not true at all. Let us convince you that photovoltaic solar energy is actually the cheapest in the world!    Contrary to popular belief, the production cost of solar energy is lower than that of traditional energy sources (coal, gas, diesel), which are widely used in Africa and Europe, for several reasons:    Technological advances and government commitments to renewable energy have reduced the cost of producing large quantities of photovoltaic panels. The price of photovoltaic energy has been divided by 5 in 10 years, while the price of electricity from the grid or from diesel generators tends to increase. In contrast, the discounted costs of solar energy will remain fixed for at least 20 years.    While the price of electricity produced from fossil fuels is rising with the increase in the price of raw materials, the cost of solar energy is falling year by year. Indeed, 90% of the production costs of solar electricity come from the initial investment, maintenance costs are low and, finally, there are few exploitation costs: “the sun is free”!   With your own self-consumption photovoltaic installation, you benefit directly from these savings, take advantage of an energy that is up to 2 times cheaper than a “classic” source and have peace of mind for 20 years (average life span of a photovoltaic installation).  Are you still hesitating to invest in an installation?  Choose the rental option with Tysilio! It will allow you to benefit from a stable, permanent and economical source of energy without any investment! Finally, it can be said that, beyond its low cost, solar energy is a source of freedom for its users: Available everywhere, the sun will always be there.  No more instabilities and electrical failures that have direct repercussions on your activity, and therefore on your business. With Tysilio’s photovoltaic solutions, you can benefit from reliable and sustainable energy without the risk of power cuts.    Today, solar energy and its benefits are within everyone’s goal for a green, sustainable and economic future.
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