Tysilio solar roof

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Tysilio solar roof

Due to lack of space, investment or long-term visibility, you don’t dare take the plunge into solar energy? However, it is the best way for you to save money and to have a reliable and carbon-free energy source.

Tysilio solar roof
What is the Tysilio solar roof ?
Tysilio guarantees to enhance your space by maximising the multiple impacts of a solar energy source : Tysilio vous garantit de valoriser votre espace en maximisant les impacts multiples d’une source d’énergie solaire.
  • Economic benefits
  • Decarbonised source, low impact on the environment
  • Energy independence
If you have containers or the space to install them, you can equip yourself with an innovative solution: the Tysilio Solar Roof (TSR).
Designed specifically to meet your energy needs, the TSR is the photovoltaic power plant for you. In order to optimise your available space and your energy source, we have developed a solution adapted to the roof of a 20-foot container that can be easily moved (moving your business, expanding your space, etc.).

If required, we can also finance the TSR. The installation will be able to provide you with energy in the long term : the lifespan of the container and the performance guarantee of the modules is 20 years !
Tysilio solar roof
The TSS provides a power of 2.3 kWp.
  • Modular : different configurations are possible because each roof top is independent. The over-roofs can be connected in series to provide more power.
  • Moveable : transportable flat in a 20-foot container, the over-roofs can be stacked on top of each other (up to 8).
  • Easy to install : the solution can be easily installed by the customer or by our local partners.
  • Robust : the solution is designed using durable materials, resistant to high winds and corrosive environments.
The containerised PV plant can be coupled with energy storage systems selected by Tysilio for total autonomy. The photovoltaic power plant allows you to save money compared to your system (grid or diesel generators).

The TRS 2.3 kWp can produce 4,370 kWh per year, representing a potential saving of 1,455 liters of diesel or 3.8 tons of CO2! The Tysilio Solar Roof will meet all your energy needs, trust us !
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Tysilio rents you a photovoltaic system to reduce your financial investment.
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Tysilio supervises your energy transition and takes care of your entire project.
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Tysilio commit itself to supporting you in your energy transition.

How? First, we analyze your energy consumption in order to understand the best way to reduce it. Then, we offer support in the form of advice or photovoltaic solutions delivered as EPC or rented.
All Tysilio self-consumption solutions are designed to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. Thus, from construction to installation to operation, your photovoltaic power generation solution must pollute as little as possible.

Let us guide you in your transition to clean, sustainable and economical energy!