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In addition to being one of the least polluting energies for the production of electricity, the scope of solar energy goes beyond the preservation of the environment. Solar energy also contributes to economic and social development.
By choosing solar energy with Tysilio, you can be sure that your decision will have an even greater impact.
Solar energy panel photovoltaics module with sunlight reflection
Environnemental Impact
Today, solar energy is the most environmentally friendly source of energy and contributes to its preservation.

Wherever they are installed, photovoltaic panels have a positive carbon footprint, which helps combat global warming. Using clean, sustainable and responsible energy is essential for the future of the planet and of each individual.


Tysilio designs and installs high quality sustainable solutions that comply with international standards and aims to use environmentally friendly products while working with environmentally friendly partners.

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Economical Impact
Solar energy contributes to the economy and to decentralised local development. Up to half the cost of diesel, it is also competitive and an economical alternative to other energy sources such as hydrocarbons, which are widely used in sub-Saharan Africa. The revenues and gains generated by solar energy should benefit not only the customers but also the local actors.

It is Tysilio’s objective to install its solutions in locations where solar energy is also a source of economic development for its immediate customers and other stakeholders on the value chain. To maximise this impact, we rely on our local partners and do our best to offer our solutions at a fair price.

African kids playing in Africa sunset light
Social impact
Solar has a direct impact on social development. By providing sustainable energy in areas where there is little or no energy, solar ensures the sustainability of essential services such as health centers, hospitals, schools, etc.

Tysilio ensures that solar energy is compatible with different uses and useful to all stakeholders in society. We have carried out projects for various social organisations
Each country is unique, each environment has its own specificities: isolated sites, infrastructure problems, political instability (and the violence that sometimes ensues), etc. This is...
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Tysilio rents you a photovoltaic system to reduce your financial investment.
Tysilio supervises your energy transition and takes care of your entire project.
Tysilio assesses and enhances your energy potential by developing an effective...