Flat roof installation

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Flat roof installation
Convinced by the importance of solar energy in saving money and limiting environmental impact, you are wondering whether you can receive a solar solution because you are not sure whether your roof is suitable for a photovoltaic installation.
Often considered as a wasted space because it is not used, a flat roof is the ideal place to install a photovoltaic solution. Exposed to the sun all day, it ensures that your energy source is optimised. Tysilio guarantees to make the most of your space by maximising the use of your surfaces.

Tysilio vous garantit de valoriser votre espace en maximisant l’utilisation de vos surfaces.
  • Economic advantages
  • Decarbonised source, low impact on the environment
  • Energy independence

To install a photovoltaic solution on a flat roof, it is essential to assess its capacity to support the weight of the photovoltaic modules.
A solar panel weighs on average 20kg per m2, excluding the use of a ballast system to fix the installation.
In fact, on flat roofs (with or without railings) made of concrete, we install the photovoltaic solution using ballasted or thermo-welded fastening systems.
Finally, before installing the system, it is necessary to ensure that the surrounding shade (trees, buildings, etc.) does not reduce the energy production capacity of the panels.

The energy produced by the flat roof installation can be used for self-consumption, for your own needs, or for grid injection. In this case, the energy produced will provide you with an additional source of income.

The power that can be installed depends on the size of your roof, the surrounding shading and the power of the selected panels. Tysilio installs solutions ranging from 80 kWp to MWp size...
Each country is unique, each environment has its own specificities: isolated sites, infrastructure problems, political instability (and the violence that sometimes ensues), etc. This is...
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Tysilio rents you a photovoltaic system to reduce your financial investment.
Tysilio supervises your energy transition and takes care of your entire project.
Tysilio assesses and enhances your energy potential by developing an effective...

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Tysilio commit itself to supporting you in your energy transition.

How? First, we analyze your energy consumption in order to understand the best way to reduce it. Then, we offer support in the form of advice or photovoltaic solutions delivered as EPC or rented.
All Tysilio self-consumption solutions are designed to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. Thus, from construction to installation to operation, your photovoltaic power generation solution must pollute as little as possible.

Let us guide you in your transition to clean, sustainable and economical energy!