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Rammed post installation

Do you have land that can be used over time but you don’t know how to make it profitable ? Why not install a solar energy source that guarantees numerous advantages such as limiting your environmental impact or making savings ?

Tysilio - installation pieux battus
Tysilio guarantees to make the most of your space by maximising the multiple impacts of a solar energy source. .
  • Economic benefits
  • Decarbonised source, low impact on the environment
  • Energy independence
Sized to provide you with the best energy production, the ground mounted solutions are adaptable to most soils. With a certified lifespan of 20 to 30 years, you can enjoy its multiple benefits for a long time.
  • The supporting structures are fixed on metal feet anchored deep in the ground and cannot be moved.
  • Its quality equipment has a life span of 20 to 30 years.
  • Depending on your needs and constraints, it is possible to connect the solar solutions to a battery or diesel generator system.

    The energy produced by the installation can be used for self-consumption, for your own needs, or for grid injection. In this case, it will provide you with an additional source of income. The installed power depends solely on the available land and, in the case of self-consumption, on the customer's energy needs.
  • Supporting structure.
  • Additional systems for isolated sites, diesel or battery hybrids.
  • Power transformer for large ground-mounted plants.
Each country is unique, each environment has its own specificities: isolated sites, infrastructure problems, political instability (and the violence that sometimes ensues), etc. This is...
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Tysilio rents you a photovoltaic system to reduce your financial investment.
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Tysilio supervises your energy transition and takes care of your entire project.
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Tysilio assesses and enhances your energy potential by developing an effective...
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Our 3D universE

Tysilio commit itself to supporting you in your energy transition.

How? First, we analyze your energy consumption in order to understand the best way to reduce it. Then, we offer support in the form of advice or photovoltaic solutions delivered as EPC or rented.
All Tysilio self-consumption solutions are designed to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. Thus, from construction to installation to operation, your photovoltaic power generation solution must pollute as little as possible.

Let us guide you in your transition to clean, sustainable and economical energy!