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Take the turn to cleaner energy

The state of emergency has sounded for our planet: we must change our energy habits to fight against global warming, the destruction of resources and air pollution! The future of our planet depends on each of us.

The energy transition is inevitable today!

But what is the energy transition ?

It simply refers to changing the way we consume, produce, work and live through a more thoughtful and responsible use of energy resources, mainly through renewable energies.

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Tysilio s’engage à vous accompagner dans votre transition énergétique.

Comment ? En premier lieu, nous analysons votre consommation énergétique afin d’appréhender la meilleure manière de la réduire. Ensuite, nous vous proposons un accompagnement sous forme de conseils ou de solutions photovoltaïques livrées clé-en-main ou louées.
Toutes les solutions d’autoconsommation Tysilio sont élaborées afin que leur bilan carbone soit le plus bas possible. Ainsi, de sa construction à son installation jusqu’à son exploitation, votre centrale photovoltaïque se doit de polluer le moins possible.

Laissez-nous vous guider dans votre transition vers une énergie propre, durable et économe !

Flat roof installation

Convinced by the importance of solar energy in saving money and limiting environmental impact, you are wondering whether you can receive a solar solution because you are not sure whether your roof is suitable for a photovoltaic installation.

Installation on a sloping roof

You want to install solar energy on your home to save money and limit your environmental impact, but you are wondering if your sloping roof can accommodate a photovoltaic installation.

Ballasted installation

It’s a fact : solar energy is the best way to save money and to have a reliable and low-carbon energy source. However, you are not sure whether you have the ground space for solar installations or whether you want to tie up space in the long term.

Installation mounted on driven poles

Do you have land that can be used over time but you don’t know how to make it profitable ? Why not install a solar energy source that guarantees numerous advantages such as limiting your environmental impact or making savings ?

Tysilio Solar Station

Solar energy is the best way to save money and have a reliable and decarbonised energy source. However, due to lack of space, willingness to invest or long-term visibility, you don’t dare to take the plunge ?

Tysilio Solar Roof

Due to lack of space, investment or long-term visibility, you don’t dare take the plunge into solar energy? However, it is the best way for you to save money and to have a reliable and carbon-free energy source..

Tysilio rents you a photovoltaic system to reduce your financial investment.
Tysilio supervises your energy transition and takes care of your entire project.
Tysilio assesses and enhances your energy potential by developing an effective...

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Tysilio commit itself to supporting you in your energy transition.

How? First, we analyze your energy consumption in order to understand the best way to reduce it. Then, we offer support in the form of advice or photovoltaic solutions delivered as EPC or rented.
All Tysilio self-consumption solutions are designed to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. Thus, from construction to installation to operation, your photovoltaic power generation solution must pollute as little as possible.

Let us guide you in your transition to clean, sustainable and economical energy!