Electricity everywhere in Africa, for everyone!

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Electricity everywhere in Africa, for everyone!
Each country is unique, each environment has its own specificities: isolated sites, infrastructure problems, political instability (and the violence that sometimes ensues), etc. This is a reality on the African continent that disrupts the economic and social development of the countries affected and makes access to electricity a real challenge. So is there a solution to have reliable and sustainable energy at affordable costs? At Tysilio, we take up the challenge of installing medium power self-consumption photovoltaic solutions in all countries and sites, whatever the problems encountered. To achieve this, we have chosen to work with local players who are partners in each of our projects. With their support, we are able to adapt our way of working, follow reinforced security measures and adjust the supply chain to ensure that each project carried out in a high-risk area is a success. Tysilio’s teams have built and commissioned photovoltaic installations in Somalia, Mali and Niger in areas with severe security constraints. In the same way, the installation of a solar system for a so-called “isolated” site is not only recommended but also feasible for Tysilio teams. What is an isolated site? It is a place that is not connected to the electricity distribution network because of a complex environment. There, the means of accessing electricity often depends on unreliable and expensive sources such as diesel generators or coal-fired power stations. These solutions are particularly common in Africa, where people and businesses are still subject to recurrent power cuts. That’s why, in complex geographical areas without a connection, self-consumption photovoltaic solutions are the best option to carry out all your activities with reliable, constant energy and without negative impact on the environment and the surrounding population. Simple to install and easy to maintain, solar solutions are perfectly suited to isolated areas and provide an autonomous source of energy, thanks in particular to a battery system that stores the surplus electricity produced throughout the day. Whatever your location, Tysilio, with the support of its local partners, will advise and assist you in your solar project. With Tysilio, you can install a solar photovoltaic solution anywhere with complete confidence.
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