How does Tysilio solution work ?

  • Solar energy is produced from the photovoltaic plant and injected behind the meter to reduce supply from the grid.
  • A smart controller manages coordination and optimization of all equipments to ensure safe and appropriate load of energy from the different supply sources.
  • A storage system can be added to increase the site’s autonomy, independence and reliance.

Tysilio solutions are scalable, technologically flexible and compatible with most industries

  • Scalable because based on a “plug & play” approach. You can therefore opt for a “test and expand” approach where you first start with a small installation and then add more power in the future.
  • Technologically flexible because, as technology continuously improves, energy storage systems can be added once they make economic sense.
  • Compatible with most industries, from factories farms or resorts.

Our solutions can be implemented on roofs or free fields, in urban or isolated areas. They can even be containerised if necessary.

Your benefits

  • Higher Independence from the grid
  • You pay part of your electricity at a more competitive price than your existing supply (grid or on-site generation) and strongly hedge your costs against future inflation risks
  • Tysilio manages installation and operating costs
  • Various contractual solutions (acquisition, rental or PPA)
  • No need for investment : Tysilio can finance it