Shell filling station, Teshie, Ghana

Solar grid saver solution (15kWp)

Tysilio with its local partner rents the PV power plant to the filling station which operates it in order to reduce its grid electricity bill.

  • 45% of consumption supplied by competitive solar energy

Tysilio has already succesfully implemented solar solutions in Africa and works on several projects, in Ghana and west Africa.

European Union camp in Mogadisciu (Somalia) (operating since october 2017)

• Smart solar PV/Diesel hybrid solution

Fuel Saver solution (100kWp solar power plant, 140kVA UPS, 2MW of diesel generators)

Tysilio teamed up with its South African partner to design and install the full energy supply solution of the off-grid camp.

  • More than 55,000 litres of diesel saved per year.

Off-grid solution in Somalia (operating since april 2018)

• 100% solar based off-grid energy supply

Off-grid solution (60kWp Solar power plant, 40kW/480kWh battery, 2x60kVA backup Diesel generator)

Full solar energy supply solution with a smart design (Hybrid AC/DC coupling) in order to cover perfectly the load curve.

  • 100% of the consumption covered by solar energy.

Army Base in Niamey  (Niger) (operating since april 2018)

• Hybrid solar/PV Diesel solution

Fuel Saver solution (340 kWp solar, 2,7 MW of diesel generators)

Tysilio designed and installed the solar side of the energy supply. A smart controler is used to integrate solar energy smoothly into the camp grid.

  • 193,000 litres of diesel saved annually.


More than 20 projects (cumulated power over 6MW) in different activity sectors.

Western Africa

More than 7 projects (cumulated power over 5MW) in different activity sectors (mining, manufactured goods, agriculture…) and countries (Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone…).