You need a higher independence from the grid and wish to pay part of your electricity at a more competitive price than your existing supply? Get in touch with us!

Tysilio solutions are scalable and technologically flexible, compatible with most industries and can be implemented on roofs or free fields, in urban or isolated areas.

Tysilio manages the whole project :
If necessary, we can even finance the asset, no cash investment required from your side, you pay as it runs.

We are able to make a detailed proposal based on the analysis of your current electricity bill and the precise location of your site.
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Use solar power

Depending on your investment strategy and the applicable regulatory framework, Tysilio provides competitive and reliable solar energy solutions to any company connected to a weak or expensive grid, or using diesel generators.

Tysilio offers premium-quality tailored solar energy solutions combining development, financing, installation and maintenance to be deployed anywhere in the world.

With Tysilio, you reduce your fuel or grid dependence and get competitive electricity on a long term supply. No investment required, Tysilio takes care of it!


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